The roots of Lahti Precision date back to 1908 when factory maker Mr. P. Kuivalainen established a machine shop in Lahti. The workshop repaired machines and manufacture iron beds. The operations expanded rapidly with the Iron and Metal Industry in Lahti (nowadays Raute Oy Corporation). As Finland started to favor wooden beds, the demand for iron beds was no longer there.

Bed production was replaced by scales in 1914 and the factory began to develop weighing technology know how. In this case a new company called Lahti Vaaka Oy was established and the weighing history of the company was formally established. The scales were initially made mainly for the use in domestic households and shops. Since the 1930s, the company has developed new types of scales for industrial and warehouse use, as well as for weighing vehicle loads. It was already realized at that time, the importance of a customer based approach: the factory produced scales according to the individual uses by its industrial customers.

In the 1960s, major investments were made in the product development of scales. The company was a pioneer and developed a photoelectric code sensor. The first electrical scale was delivered in 1964. Also as the volume of deliveries grew and a wider range of deliveries to plants was made, for example to ready-mix concrete and glass factories.

The demand for mechanical scales moved to be more for electrical scales and the need for automation increased. In 1975, the company started its own electronics factory.

The company was internationalized in the 1980s. Demand for weighing and dispensing, handling of bulk materials and related automation was also in demanded abroad and the company's position as a supplier of complete process entities and plant deliveries was strengthened. The aim was to control the entire measuring chain for industrial weighing, from the components to the automatic control of the process. A mass and power measurement laboratory and a material laboratory were built. The main customer groups were the building materials industry, the steel industry, the chemical industry and the food industry. Turnkey deliveries were started for the glassworks factory's raw material plants, mortar and dry mix industries and for the metallurgical industry.

In 2004, Raute gave up the weighing business and continued its business under the name Raute Precision. The management became the company's owners, together with an external private equity investor. The name of the company was changed to Lahti Precision Oy in 2007. Within it three business areas were formed: Glass Industry, Dry mix industry and Industrial Weighing.

Lahti Precision has developed during over a hundred years as a top expert in handling bulk power materials and the dosing of materials. Business today is very customer oriented and international. The company is well-known in its home country as a weighing equipment and production services expert. In the glass and dry mix industry, Lahti Precision internationally is known as a quality technology expert and as a global supplier.

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