Privacy Policy Personal Data Act (523/99), section 10

Updated on 6 August 2018


1 Controller

Lahti Precision Oy
Ahjokatu 4 A
15800 Lahti, Finland
tel. +358 3 82921

Person responsible for registration matters: Hannu Reko, hannu.reko(at)

2 Registry matters

We will do our best to answer questions and feedback about the registry within a few business days.

3 Name of the registry

Lahti Precision customer and marketing database.

4 Purpose for processing personal information

We process personal information in order to handle customer relations, to enforce the rights and obligations of the customer and Lahti Precision, and to treat personal data for purposes related to online services, research activities, directing Lahti Precision’s advertising, and/or direct marketing on customer data through Lahti Precision’s media and services without transferring personal data to third parties in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

5 Data content of the registry

The registry may include the following information about customers:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Company and position
  • Company address

6 Regular sources of data of the registry

The registry is composed of Lahti Precision’s customer database. Information is maintained using publicly available Internet sources (e.g. your company website) and other public sources. The register also contains information provided by the customer itself.

7 Regular disclosure of data

The data controller shall not disclose the personal data of the customer to third parties, except as required by the Finnish authorities.

8 Storing and deleting data

We will keep your information at least for the duration of the customer relationship. After termination of the customer relationship, the retention period depends on the information and its purpose. The information may be deleted by the customer request or because of the termination of the customer relationship.

9 Principles of registry protection

Personal data is kept confidential. The Lahti Precision’s data network and hardware are protected by a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

10 The rights of the registered

The registry has the right to receive, correct, update, transfer, modify or delete his/her personal data held by Lahti Precision Oy.


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