Fescon Oy

Fescon Oy is the largest Finnish-owned mortar and sand manufacturer. Lahti Precision has delivered a Drymix plant to Fescon on Hausjärvi.

We conducted a customer satisfaction survey with Fescon and interviewed Factory manager Mauri Klavert:

"We could not have believed that the fluidisation-based material transfer and dispensing is such a completely maintenance-free. We couldn’t also hope a better conveyor than a fluid hose. If any errors or omissions have occurred, they have been corrected."

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Saveto is the leading manufacturer of drymix finishing products as well as professional specialty building products and systems in the MENA region.

Saudi Vetonit Co. Ltd (Saveto) has expanded during the last 20 years their business successfully in cooperation with Lahti Precision.

"Lahti Precision’s supplied DrymixLAHTI plants have made it possible to produce repeatable high quality drymix products. The availability of the plants is good and with DosingLAHTI technology we have aimed measurable process cost effectiveness", says Ammar Haddad, CEO of Saveto.

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Drymix FlexiBatch

DrymixLAHTI FlexiBatch – improved safety combined with flexible low cost plant 

Lahti Precision experts noticed some ten years ago that the markets were asking for small capacity plants which were quick to erect and even movable when needed. 

Since that time and initial sketches first DrymixLAHTI FlexiBatch plant was commissioned successfully at Saveto plant in Qatar in 2018. The customer has been satisfied to the plant which has been in operation soon one year. 

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Technistone, Inc. is the European leading manufacturer of premium quality quartz surfaces with timeless design, creative interior potential and trustworthy mechanical features.

After more than one-year operation experience with 6 lines we may say this system works perfect. The investment to maintenance is still zero, time of production line stop because of system problem is zero. By this fluid system have been significantly reduced dusting in material preparation hall and electric energy consumption as well.

As production manager said: “We are happy to have this system here, because nobody knows it’s here”

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