DrymixLAHTI concept provides features which only Lahti Precision can supply. These features enable customer to make profit substantially better than the peer group utilizing other technologies. The core of DrymixLAHTI concept is based on four innovative technologies:





These together are ensuring superior dynamic dosing accuracy, excellent plant availability with low maintenance costs and homogenous end product with very low scrap rate.

Get shorter payback for your investment –

more profit with DrymixLAHTI  

  • Our own technology – Fluidization, requires less maintenance
  • Less waste when using Lahti Precision reliable weighing and dosing techniques
  • Significally less additives consumption due to better dosing accuracy
  • Less energy needed 

DrymixLAHTI concept consideres sustainable environment values. 

  1. Lahti Precision is able to design the best possible process for supplying the customers' needs. DrymixLAHTI technology gives to our customers several competitive advantages compared to utilizing other technologies. It has been measured that e.g. waste rate is significantly lower and the plant output yield higher when using DosingLAHTI and Weighing LAHTI Due to the process performance you don't either have to use extra amount of expensive additive materials for aiming high quality of end products. Also maintenance rate needed is lower giving better availability for the plant compared to other technologies. All these Drymix LAHTI advantages implemented means that the total investment payback time can be 1 to 2 years shorter than conventionally. 
  1. Lahti Precision is a very experienced, committed and reliable partner. We have supplied worldwide hundreds of demanding industrial bulk materials handling plants, since the foundation of the company 1914. We have built plaster and mortar plants (dry mix plants) and other process technology projects since the 1980’s especially to Asia, Middle East and CIS countries as well as in the Nordics. We have vast experience of operating in different countries and cultures. The over one hundred years of success proves the sustainability and strength of the company both technically and economically. We have been able to renew the company for answering better to our customers’ growing needs. 
  1. Our values are: Customer and result orientation, openness and respect for others. We want to serve our customers to enable them and us to reach the desired targets. We do this in an open way – no hidden agendas. We respect our customers, co-operation partners and our employees. The company is well known for its commitment to deliver its promises. This is part of our Finnish heritage. 
  1. Lahti Precision has been promoted as a Clean Tech company by Cleantech Finland. Our solution for handling powder materials is environmentally sustainable. 
    • We have developed a unique way of conveying material utilizing fluidization technology that differs significantly from all other fluidization solutions and traditional screw solutions in the market. 
    • This technology provides several benefits that save the environment: 
      • It “shrinks” the needed footprint of the building area – reducing in capital expenditure and therefore in needed building materials.
      • Large energy savings due to low electric energy needed to convey the materials.
      • Fluidization hoses and special dosing flap valves which are part of the invention are totally enclosed thus there are no dust emission into the air. Dosing is quick and accurate. 
    • We have been able to invent a highly suitable process for this particular case. It delivers the required production output in the most optimal way. From the environmental point of view this means that we don’t waste raw materials, we don’t waste energy in dosing and conveying and also the equipment size can be smaller. All this reduces the operating cost. 
  1. DrymixLAHTI can offer the lowest total life time cost for the investment but you need to take us onboard already during planning phase. 
  1. Our Mixing LAHTI technology is specifically developed for Dry Mix & powder materials production.  
  1. We use world class suppliers for all the key process equipment or manufacture them ourselves to ensure the performance and quality. 
  1. AutomationLAHTI system is based on the modern and standard Siemens hardware and Siemens / Windows software platforms. This means excellent local and also remote services for our customer at any time.

Fluidization technology

Dosing and mixing systems