Lahti Precision weighing and dosing technology is based on high quality components used. All scales and instrumentation are designed for EN45501 / OIML class III accuracy. The company has designed and supplied dosing processes to different industries tens of years. For describing fully the quality and reliability of these equipment or systems we have named this product family as reliability DosingLAHTI

 DosingLAHTI solutions are configurable and consisting of different equipment and elements to be tailored for the each purpose. The system is built of high quality components which provides for DosingLAHTI solutions higher availability and better accuracy than standard systems available on the markets. Naturally there are differences in detailed selected technologies when it is talked about coarse or very fine materials to be dosed. In many cases DosingLAHTI technology offers a competitive alternative for traditional dosing by the screws. 

In most of the industries accurate dosing is crucial for end product quality or stability of the continuous processes. Generally it can be said that production process dosing accuracy goes hand in hand with the process cost efficiency and the end product pricing potential. Practically this means that by utilizing DosingLAHTI technology yield is better when scrapping or down grading percentage is smaller. The customer is also getting the advantage when costly raw materials’ dosing accuracy is got to smaller tolerance window and extra materials are not needed just for secure. These all small sounding things are releasing resources for essential business critical matters. When talked about of bulk materials’ dosing including fine ingredients with utilizing DosingLAHTI fluidization technology it can be reached extremely compact and easy layout with minimum amount of maintenance and superior dosing speed /accuracy ratio.

Alternative dosing technologies

DosingLAHTI technology is selected according to the process requirements and the material characteristics. The dosing equipment can be for example Loss in Weight (LIW) feeder, belt scale, big bag filling station or dosing with valves based on mass flow by gravity for fluidizing bulk materials. Common for all of these is that the used load cells are high quality, just for the purpose selected instruments. Dosing process is controlled by Lahti Precision’s WA-series indicators and the whole process can be controlled by AutomationLAHTI control system.

How to gain the maximum advantage

Lahti Precision professionals have long experience how to build the best for the purpose dosing system. DosingLAHTI technology can’t be copied because the process engineering includes always silent information which can be got only from Lahti Precision. For the reason we recommend our customers to take contact already in very beginning of their investment and design process. We are cooperating in many cases with three parties (customer – Lahti Precision – engineering office) too. 

Saudi Vetonit Co. Ltd (Saveto)

"Lahti Precision’s supplied DrymixLAHTI plants have made it possible to produce repeatable high quality drymix products. The availability of the plants is good and with DosingLAHTI technology we have aimed measurable process cost effectiveness", says Ammar Haddad, CEO of Saveto. Beside of this example from construction material industry DosingLAHTI systems are sold e.g. to metal, forest, chemical industries.

Fluidization technology

Dosing and mixing systems