Lahti Precision has engineered and supplied scales since year 1914. This has provided us conclusive deep understanding of scales engineering. WeighingLAHTI products are modern industrial scales or systems including demanding weighing technology. As a scale manufacturer Lahti Precision has thorough knowledge  of the legal issues related to commercial scales – both automatic (MID) and non-automatic (NAWID).  When combining WeighingLAHTI products and Lahti Precision’s certificates and capability to execute initial verification and service sealing of the scales, it’s clear that Lahti Precision is your first option for industrial scale supplier.

Customer’s benefit is that Lahti Precision specialists are involved in weighing system and scale investment  projects already in the first phase. Long experience and deep understanding of both legal issues and  process  and service requirements are studied  in details. With this the optimum scale construction and  weighing result can be reached. This would help customer to have efficient and reliable operation.

Scales used in commercial weighing must be  verificated every three years.  In addition to periodical verification, Lahti Precision is taking care of maintenance and modernization of old scales. By using CareLAHTI services, customers can concentrate to run their own main businesses and have reliable scale operation during the entire life cycle.

WeighingLAHTI  truck scales

Today truck scales can be connected to secure mScales-cloud service. mScales has an interface that makes ERP integration easy. With mScales customers can manage the weighing information in network and share it with their partners like  transport companies. Weighing can be made with mobile phone or tablet computer and mobile application can replace traditional weighing terminals totally.

WeighingLAHTI  belt scales

Lahti Precision  has delivered belt scales over 40 years. The delivery may also include a conveyor belt for feeding the bulk material to the process with a desired mass flow. The conveyer scales can also be used for commercial weighing.

WeighingLAHTI  Systems

Lahti Precision has designed and supplied weighing systems to different industries tens of years. For describing fully the quality and reliability of these equipment or systems we have named this product family as reliability WeighingLAHTI.  The company delivers systems and equipment both for batch and continuous processes.   Continuous processes are based on WeighingLAHTI Loss-In-Weight (LIW) feeders and dosing belt scale feeders. Batch processes are based on totalizing hopper scales and designed DosingLAHTI equipment.

WeighingLAHTI  big bag scales

We design and manufacture big bag filling stations for commercial use according to customer needs. Our different solutions are suitable for all kinds of needs. Our big bag filling stations are always in compliance with the EU type-examination certificate and the Machinery Directive and also CE marked.

WeighingLAHTI  Totalizing hopper scales

Totalizing hopper scales are suitable for commercial weighing at the receiving point of bulk materials and for loading of products. Typical uses include, for example the receiving and loading solutions for cereals, malt or fertilizers.

Check weighing scales

Bridge scales

Laboratory scales

Weighing components:

Lahti Precision  supplies a wide range of components for mass and force measuring.

Weighing terminals

Weighing transmitters

Weighing sensors

Nobel products