Lahti Precision has engineered and supplied scales since year 1914. This has provided for us conclusive deep understanding of scales’ engineering.

WeighingLAHTI products are modern industrial scales or systems including demanding weighing technology. When combining WeighingLAHTI products and Lahti Precision’s rights and capability to execute the scales’ initial verification it’s clear that Lahti Precision is your first selection for industrial scale supplier.

Weighing scales

Lahti Precision Oy delivers a wide range of scales from small laboratory scales to large weighing capable scales process and even up to automated scales. We tailor make to our customers' requirements also for example, to various types of commercial and checking scales.

Weighing terminals and weighing components

Lahti Precision Oy supplies a wide range of components for mass and force measuring. They also fulfil the precision and performance requirements for stable measuring instruments. In addition, weighing scale terminals and weighing transmitters for different applications are included in our range of deliveries.