StartLAHTI service has been developed to get the process into operation with full capacity within short time. Understanding the demanding production processes combined with our own engineering and assembly of equipment creates a solid foundation for StartLAHTI.

This service ensures efficient deployment and start-up of equipment and installations. StartLAHTI creates the basic conditions for the safe and optimal use of the lifecycle of the devices we deliver. With the help of StartLAHTI service, our customers have typically significantly reduced the time of production disruptions and quality problems in their processes. In particular, the unique knowledge of weighing and metering devices, as well as the dosage systems, and the particularly extensive rights* for checking various metrological devices make the StartLAHTI service a high-quality entity.

*Accredited calibration of scales and masses (Finas)
Non-automatic scales and automatic scales, service sealing (Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, Tukes)
Non-automatic scales and automatic scales, initial verification (Notified Body, KIWA Inspecta)