Whether it is a component, a device, or a device-level delivery, it is important to consider the correct installation of the equipment. This ensures that the benefits of high quality parts and equipment are maximized.

Lahti Precision Oy supplies equipment and projects to all industries, so we have learned to understand the requirements of different processes. The StartLAHTI installation service guarantees the specialized installation and commissioning of the hardware.

Installation and commissioning

When installing the hardware, we consider device-specific requirements and document deployment testing without forgetting the usage guide. We perform installation and commissioning from components to projects and we have the expertise of mechanics, electricity, control and software design according to your needs. Our special expertise is in particular knowledge of weighing and measuring devices and dosing systems.

Quality and regulatory requirements

In order to ensure a successful installation, the dialogue between the subscriber and the supplier is invaluable in order to achieve quality and regulatory requirements. Particularly in the most demanding commercial scales and measuring devices, knowledge of the regulations and high quality installation is a prerequisite for keeping the schedule and the deployment costs planned; not to mention dimensional accuracy. When commissioning, the scales are subjected to a commissioning check and a protocol. This allows us to demonstrate the accuracy of the measurement and to provide a reference protocol for future examinations, and to carry out in-use measurement accuracy by anyone.

CareLAHTI service

Often, in the case of weighing and measuring devices, other types of checks are also required to enable the device to be used for production. There may be requirements for the measurement system on the quality system side, or the device may be in commercial use, resulting in legal requirements for use and commissioning. CareLAHTI service ensures that your equipment will remain in production throughout its life cycle and it will be delivered fluently and in accordance with requirements after a potential breakdown. Lahti Precision Oy has particularly extensive rights* to inspect various metrological equipment.

*Accredited calibration of scales and masses (Finas)
Non-automatic scales and automatic scales, service sealing (Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, Tukes)
Non-automatic scales and automatic scales, initial verification (Notified Body, KIWA Inspecta)