Once the devices and installations have been effectively deployed through the StartLAHTI service, CareLAHTI ensures their cost-effective use throughout their life cycle. Lahti Precision's experience and expertise in hardware lifecycle maintenance, calibration, modernization and availability of original spare parts is the cornerstone of CareLAHTI.

The supplier's understanding of the need for proactive maintenance is an important factor in preventing unforeseen production breaks and quality errors. In addition, knowing the requirements of measurement, norms and metrological regulations is the best way to optimize our customers' process solutions. Lahti Precision has more extensive rights to carry out various metrological inspections than any other company in the field of horizontal maintenance in Finland *

CareLAHTI service includes:

  • Preventive and other scheduled maintenance
  • Accredited calibrations
  • Repair services and sealing of commercial scales
  • Modernization Services
  • Training and expert services
  • Maintenance and certification rounds for vehicle scales
  • Spare parts
  • Weight renting
  • Remote Assistance and Troubleshooting Services

*Accredited calibration of scales and masses (Finas), Maintenance sealing of non-automatic and automatic weighing scales (Tukes), and initial verification of non-automatic and automatic scales (KIWA Inspecta).