Lahti Precision will concentrate on developing core businesses.

Lahti Precision Oy has on 28th May, 2018 sold Glass Business out. The business was acquired by Zippe Industrieanlagen GmbH which is German global leader in supplying batch plants for glass industry. The new owner will continue business in Finland with name Lahti Glass Technology Oy. The parties have agreed that Lahti Precision Oy will take care and finish the present project and equipment orders where the company is contractually liable.

Lahti Precision will focus and invest resources for developing Industrial Weighing and Dry Mix businesses. In Industrial Weighing the company has leading position in the Nordics supplying demanding weighing and dosing systems for heavy process industry. In Finland the company has the leading position in supplying wide range of industrial weighing and dosing applications to broad clientele. The customers are also appreciating Lahti Precision’s capability to provide high quality life time maintenance and calibration services. Lahti Precision will develop products and services actively reflecting the customers’ increasing requirements. The company has recently launched mScalesTM cloud based service. The mScalesTM enables new business possibilities for Lahti Precision and makes possible to generate new added value and competitive edge for our customers.

Lahti Precision is internationally well known expert and supplier of Dry Mix plants. The company has supplied during the years more than hundred plants for Dry Mix, AAC and other construction material industries, mainly to international markets. In Dry Mix Business the competitiveness is based on a long term and innovative technology know-how about bulk materials handling, topped with the vast weighing expertise. These core expertise areas forms the solid ground for building a plant concept which provides for our customers significantly lower total costs during the plant life time compared to conventional dry mix plant technologies. Modern, high availability “Lahti Dry Mix” plant gives to our customers a tangible asset against rivals in construction material market and creates us a very good base for further innovations and success.

Lahti Precision’s efficient and environmentally friendly utilization of the valuable raw materials has gained Cleantech Finland organization’s Cleantech company status award.

Additional information
Juho Koskinen, CEO
+358 40 549 0235

Published: 30.05.2018