mScales is a completely new type of service for weighing and managing weighing information on the net

The mScales network service seamlessly combines scales and other operating controls. In the service weighing's are all managed in real time and all the weighing information, such as orders and actual weighing events, is easily accessible to all stakeholders. Data transfer to other systems becomes more effective when all data is in the same system.
Using the web service is easy with either a web browser or a mobile application which is made available for use by the service. Service usage is therefore not tied to a place or time, but is available at any time and from anywhere.

You can make weighing easily with a mobile or portable smart device
Mobile applications for weighing offers a lot of opportunities to think about best practises weighing methods in a new way. For example, in vehicle scales systems, the mobile application may in many cases replace the weighing terminals used by the drivers - the driver will handle the weighing operation instead of the terminal with an easy to use app on your smartphone or tablet. The mobile application can also be utilized by a scales operator, where he is not tied to a single location while operating a scale.

The mScales network service can also be linked to an existing weighing system
Data from the existing system can also be transferred automatically and in real time to the mScales online net service. In this way the options with the mScales service, can be utilized without making any changes to the current system. It is enough that the data is transferred in the right format to the web service.

Reports from a cloud
Getting information and reporting from a web site is efficient. The user can flexibly group the reported data simultaneously on multiple factors, such as an order, transporting company, customer, product, vehicle, etc. The reports information can also be sorted by a variety of factors.
The reports show, among other things the load numbers and weight. The sub totals can be done by the selected groups and can be included in the report, which further improves the usability of the reports. Reports can be forwarded for example, to a customer by email.
Because all the data is stored on the network service, they are easily transferable to other systems using commonly used and by secure data transfer techniques. For example, invoicing transferring data can easily be uploaded to a customer's invoicing system, via an encrypted connection. Data related to the transfer data are stored for system reporting and a possible retransfer.


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mScales-punnituspalvelun avulla voit integroida kaikki yrityksesi vaa mScales-punnituspalvelun avulla voit integroida kaikki yrityksesi vaa'at yhdellä liitynnällä.
mScales palvelua voidaan käyttää myös mobiilisovelluksella. mScales palvelua voidaan käyttää myös mobiilisovelluksella.