Lahti Precision has solid experience in Nordic steel industries alloying systems for both carbon steel and stainless steel production. The core of our expertise is the accurate weighing and dosing of ingredients that are to be mixed to steel. We design and deliver alloying systems for the melting furnaces, converters or for the various ladle metallurgy processing steps.

When designing the alloying system, it is necessary to determine, e.g. the number of different substances, their specific gravities as well as the absolute dosing amounts. With using these and other essential source data, Lahti Precision says what is the most appropriate dosing method is. With the customer's requirements and source data been thoroughly gone through, Lahti Precision is able to take on the responsibility for the functionality of the system, including layout, automation, electrical and mechanical design as well as the responsibility for delivering and commissioning the equipment. The systems we have delivered over the past twenty years have been accurate and reliable in operation. In addition, Lahti Precision is able to guarantee equipment spare part availability, maintenance and service.

We have delivered steel alloying systems to all major steel mills in the Nordic countries, like SSAB, Outokumpu, Ovako as well as Uddeholm Tooling.