Lahti Precision's areas of core competence are the dosing and weighing of bulk materials. Wider plant or system deliveries typically include the receiving, transfer and loading of bulk materials. Lahti Precision has developed its own competitive technology for these areas, which the company is also ready to offer for uses where weighing is not necessary.

Receiving of bulk materials may happen in big bags, bulk material by truck and/or by train or even directly from the ship to the receiving conveyor systems.

The receiving bulk material may be weighed before transferring to the storage spaces. Depending on the properties of the bulk material, the transfer to storage areas can be carried out by different techniques. Typical transfer methods include pneumatic, screw and belt conveyors, belt elevators or fluid hoses. Bulk materials should be dry.

Typical bulk materials:

  • Field cultivated plants
  • Raw suger
  • Enriched mining materials (powder, pellets)
  • Wood pellets
  • Concrete and cement products
  • Process industry materials that are transferable, e.g. by devices

Loading of loose materials may happen to a big bag, bulk loading with a filling flange, with fluid hose, with a screw or convey belt transferable load and/or to a train wagon. The bulk material can be weighed before being loaded with a material suitable for the processing method. The bulk materials must be dry.