Lahti Precision's areas of core competence are the dosing and weighing of bulk materials. Wider plant or system deliveries are typically associated with the receiving, transfer and loading of bulk materials. Lahti Precision has developed its own competitive technology for these areas, which the company is also ready to sell for uses where weighing is not necessary.

Often the loading of bulk materials is handled with screws from the bottom of the silo. However, Lahti Precision has the ability to offer a unique material transfer method based on the fluidization of finely divided loose material. A small amount of dry low-pressure air is passed through the fluid elements at the bottom of the silo and to the material interface. The proper design of the fluid elements in the application will cause the bulk material to flow as per the water to the silo drain hole.

Fluidization can also be used to transfer fluidized bulk material within the rubber hose gravitationally. A small amount of dry low pressure air is passed from the lower part of the hose at the material and hose interface, which causes the material to run in the hose with 3-6 degree tilt angle.

When using fluidizing technology, the maintenance requirement for fluid elements or fluid hoses is practically nonexistent. In this case, the equipment and its material parts do not wear at all. There are still industrial plants in Finland and in the world where the same fluid technology has been used for over twenty years. In addition the flexible fluid hose enables fixed obstacles, such as load bearing structures for example in a factory and in the old process it is possible to construct with smooth new technology.

Typically users for our systems that we have supplied include for example, cement factories, fly ash handling for power plants, bulk plants and chemical plants.