Lahti Precision has sold over 30 years broke conveyors assembled under the paper and cardboard machines. The conveyor returns the fallen loose paper or board back to the pulper. Instead of using expensive labor work the automatic conveyor makes the process more cost effective and improves safety.

The customers are getting quick payback of the investment through better availability of their machines. In the case of the break paper or board manufacturing the refuse can be removed automatically and fast without long downtime of main machinery. The conveyor has also been engineered so that manual cleaning isn't practically needed at all. Beside of the commercial advantages also safety all amplyees is improved a lot.

The most of the world class forest industry companies like UPM, Stora Enso, Metsä-Board, Sappi, Georgia Pacific, Kotkamills, Kappa Kraftliner and Valmet have used Lahti Precision technology in their manufacturing processes.

There are different models for different purposes

a) Fast waste conveyours for cardboard machines (width 1,0 m... 10,0 m)

b) Slow waste conveyors for paper machines (width 4,0... 11,0 m)