Lahti Precision has sold and supplied near one hundred glue kitchens globally over the years. The sold glue mixers are used in the plywood and LVL industries both for phenol and urea adhesives. Mixer technology is based on precise dosing of glue components which are then mixed to water utilizing the technology developed by Lahti Precision. The systems are consisting of raw materail handling equipment, tanks, mixer and needed accessories.

Typically glue kitchen is including the mixer unit, screw feeders, ready glue and washing water containers and automation controls system. Capacity of the mixers is typically 300 - 2400 kg/h depending on application. The system is fully automated and integratable to the main processes. Lahti Precision suppy of the content includes prestudy of the process, design and engineering, supply of the equipment and commissioning.

The glue kitchen represents the  best powerful and durable glue mixing equipment on the markets. The exact dosing is based on accurate weighing which has been Lahti Precision's core comptence already more than 100 years. Ready glue is very homogenious and the quality is excellent. 

Leading plywood and LVL producers in Nordics and Europe have chosen Lahti Precision as a supplier.