Lahti Precision Oy:has a remarkably long experience in delivering vehicle scales since the 1920s, so we know our customers' weighing requirements very well. In many places, the vehicle scales is almost the only means of tracking large material flows and invoicing / paying on the basis of weight data gained from the scale. 

Vehicle scales are in use in many sectors of the industry, for example; industrial plants gate entrances, heating plants, waste stations, timber weighing, asphalt and concrete stations and at bulk loading stations.

Weigh bridges are available to suit a wide range of vehicle weights, lengths and the scales are installed accordingly. Vehicle lengths and total weights have grown over the decades and development does not stop here. Lahti Precision is ready to meet these challenges.

Easy-to-use weighing and reporting software interfacing with other logistical chains is including the handling of data, which are belonging to the basic deliveries. Multiple accessories and functions can be connected to the vehicle scales such as traffic control booms, traffic lights, monitoring cameras and telephones. For unmanned weighing, there are available driver terminals, where regular drivers independently carry out the complete weighing. Maintenance, spare parts, installation and certification services as well as software support with software updates will ensure a safe and reliable weighing environment for a long time to come. Our own developed software also gives the possibility to take into account specific customer requirements. 

Lahti Precision actively monitors the development of information technology even in the case of vehicle scales and believes that in the future, we will continue to weigh more and more by vehicle scales through our online network services. The mScales weighing services developed by Lahti Precision already gives the possibility for the weighing data to be transferred to the "cloud" - also from the current vehicle scale systems. From there shared customized reporting will facilitate and speed up data transfer between businesses.

mScales-the mobile service allows the drivers to weigh with their mobile devices (smartphone or tablet computer) from the vehicle, whilst reducing the need for traditional electronics on the scales and required weighing data is transferred in real time for those who need it. Weighing reports can be accessed by each licensee anywhere and at any time. The web service enables easier connectable interfaces to other systems (invoicing, ERP, flow control). The system also makes it possible to acquire online weighing by the operator or by even getting the weighing codes made beforehand for people that need random weighing.


Steel based bridges, 1-component, portable models

Ideal for example for; gravel pits, asphalt stations or other sites known to be moving to a new location in the near future. There is no need for a solid foundation, only for installation on separate, cast concrete slabs, hollow sections, or even to solid leveled asphalt. First certification at the factory - no need for weighing at the installation site. Transport locks and slots for the lifting hooks make it easier to move the scales.

Surface mounted, concrete bridge models

Suitable for applications where there is no weighing space in the longitudinal axis of the ramps, such as at the factory entrance, outside of the entrance gates. Ramps must be sufficiently built gradually angled and preferably equipped with heating. The scale will be above the ground surface, so that maintenance and cleaning of the base is easy. There is no need to build drainage as long as the surface water can drain away.

Recessed installation, concrete bridge models

Suitable for factory gates, factory areas, heat plants, waste stations, bulk loading stations and in general destinations where space for the scale use is limited. Scale needs a concrete installation trough, with a drainage channel and to be at least partially heated. For maintenance, there is a hatch under the scales. 


  • one piece, short 10...15 m the weighing weighs either the knobs or the combination of vehicles in two parts
  • driving to the scale can be from either direction, the scale can deduce the driving direction and calculates the net weight between weights difference
  • 2-with two component weighing weighs both weights for truck and trailer on one weighing scale
  • the traffic lights control the ride to the scales and off the scales
  • mScales In a mobile run, the program automatically checks that the scales are empty and does not allow weighing before the scales has gone to zero - resetting occurs with a mobile device if the scale is in the reset area


Vehicle scales are reliable measuring devices for material flow monitoring because they are approved for commercial use to determine the price of the weighed product. The accuracy of the weighing is verified with initial verification and subsequent revalidation is made at 3yr increments. The values given by the scale are checked by the verification weighing. Lahti Precision Oy's certified quality management system ISO 9001 and the scales certification ensure reliable starting points for users of vehicle scales - both for the seller and the buyer. Service agreements and accordingly to these actions will further improve the functionality of the scale and extend its service life. Our expert service engineers are easily available when installation, inspection, certification, repair or spare parts are required. If between certifications for example there is need to change a sensor, for example our technician with a sealing license  can change it to a new one without the need for instant verification.

Weighing and reporting programs are own own development work, so related software upgrades or customized additional features can be handled smoothly. Interfaces with customers' own data systems  enable the possible further processing of weighing data in their own business management systems (ERP).





  • approved for commercial use OIML III class
  • accuracy about. 0,1 %
  • displayed in steps 10 kg/30 t, 20 kg/60 t and 50 kg/150 t 
  • scales will be confirmed after initial verification 3 yr: intervals


There is a wide range of weighbridges, depending on the need for use, such as the lengths and weights of the weighing vehicles, the weighing method and the location.  

  • materials are steel or concrete
  • standard lengths 10...26 m, in special cases 36 m
  • standard weighing ability 30 t ...120 t, special cases even 200 t
  • standard width 3 m, special cases 5 m
  • fixed or portable
  • surface or recess mounted


  • modern day mScales net weighing
    • reports from the net / "cloud reporting"
    • mScales mobile weighing made by using a mobile telephone or by a tablet device
    • minimising the amount of devices required at the scales
  • driver terminals for traditional weighing by the driver
  • weighbrige warming, handrails, hard surfaced concrete bridges
  • booms, traffic lights, large number display screen, telephones, video monitoring cameras and registration recognition number sensors


  • cylinder like weighing sensors, RC2-type
    • from stainless steel
    • hermetically sealed (welded)
    • protection class IP68
  • scales electronics joko WA-903+ or WA-800 series terminal
    • 2-componant scales WA-903+ can be divided into two channels to obtain one scales terminal, a separate weight for both the truck and for the trailer