Lahti Precision Oy has delivered electromechanical belt pulleys scales and belt feeders for weighing and for the dosing of bulk material for over 40 years.

In its simplest way, the belt scales is mounted on an existing conveyor under the belt to replace one roller support. The delivery may also include a conveyor belt for feeding the bulk material to the process with a desired mass flow.


For 10 years Lahti Precision Oy has also delivered weighing scales designed to measure materials at a factory or a power plant, which when processed, produces atmospheric emissions. These so called emission scales and accuracy of emission trading obligations are ensured by means of approved equipment, documented deployment and periodical checks.

The conveyer scales can also be used for commercial weighing. Lahti Precision's 2016 fertilizer weighing and bulk handling system included a commercially secure conveyor scales, control center and control, reporting and order management software.