Lahti Precision is a weighing house

Lahti Precision has been an innovative market leader in Finland for industrial weighing since 1914.  The experience and know how gathered during this time, we use for the benefit of our customers and to get the best performance and reliability for their processes. Our product quality assurance is certified by our ISO 9001 quality management system.

We offer a wide range of scale terminals and dosing guides for various industrial applications, such as accurate weighing, controlled and fast filling, dosing, check weighing, measuring and for the adjustment of material flow.

With our products, you have optimized the quality of your business and production - saving you both time and money. Our reliable terminals also contribute to the safe operation of your process.

Our customers in the food industry, metal industry and other industries all rely on our products and expertise in finding solutions to their challenges in the area industrial weighing.

WA-800 and WA-900 series of scale terminals and dosing guides for accurate and fast weighing and dosing control

 WA-800 series

WA-800 the product family's scales terminals and dosing controls are especially designed for demanding industrial weighing applications. They are suitable both as an independent scale terminal as well as for connection to a wider system.

The WA-800 family of products is mounted either on a wall or on a table - the WA-802r is mounted on a rail. The housing is made of stainless steel and the protection class is IP65. WA-802r The equipment's enclosure is made of stainless steel and the protection class IP20; the device is mounted on the DIN rail.

WA-800 the product family includes the following models

WA-801 Scale terminal

Weighing applications

WA-802 Scale terminal

Versatile weighing applications

WA-802r Scale terminal

DIN-rail mounted, weighing applications

WA-804 Summing controller

Recieving and loading applications

WA-805 Complete dosage controller

Automatic dosing applications

WA-806 Emptying dosage controller

Automatic dosing applications

WA-807 Checking scales control

Automatic checking weighing

WA-810 Summing conveyor belt scales terminal

Conveyor belt weighing applications

Connection to the above system is easy and there are several bus options available: Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, Profibus, Profinet ja DeviceNet.

WA-800 series devices have also been approved for commercial weighing.

WA-900 series

WA-903+ is a stable weighing transmitter designed especially for the ease of device connectivity and field installation.

WA-903+ special features are that it has a separate measuring channel for each sensor, which can be connected to up to 8 devices. The A/D conversion of each individual sensor is done independently by its own converter and digitally summed up.

A singled channel measuring will bring many advantages:

  • during the tuning is automated corner tuning
  • when in use the weight distribution measuring at the scale and with a single sensor
  • during the fault situation the faulty sensor is quickly localized
  • weighing systems with several scales and with one single transducer for the same scale.

Connecting WA-903+ with other systems happens easily and reliably via Ethernet or a standard field bus. The communication protocol may be ModBus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, Profibus DP, Profinet, DeviceNet as well as Modbus RTU.

The device has its own high-speed digital outputs for high-speed actuator controls required for critical metering processes, for which the upper system speed may not be sufficient.

Typical WA-903+ applications include car scales, tank and silo traps, data collection and dosing processes.

WA-903+ also suitable for stable single area, multi area or multi scale applications (3 areas).


WA-951+ The dosing controller is designed for fast and accurate dosing and weighing control in the most demanding applications. The controller controls and monitors the dosage of the batch with fillings and drains accurately and optimizes the process automatically. This ensures the best dosage accuracy and efficiency even if the conditions in the process are slightly changed.

The controller is particularly suitable for industrial dosing systems requiring both reliability and modularity. Typical applications include control of bulk dispensing processes, for example in the dry product industry, in material mixing systems and in the food industries.

The WA-951+ controller can be used as an independent controller but most of the time the controller is integrated with the factory's other control system.

The use of the controller also speeds up planning and reduces errors because the dosage control functions are performed with the standard software of the driver, and for example not always in the top system of the individual project.

The driver's standard software includes, for example, the following dosage:

  • three phase dosage: coarse feed, fast fine feed and fine feed – the length and/or number of doses of each stage are adjusted automatically based on the selected criteria.
  • negative or positive dosage
  • automatic cut off correction
  • automatic dosing restart if the dose is too far from away from the target
  • dosage tolerance monitoring
  • detailed and unambiguous alarms
  • material data